Monday, March 13, 2006

Losing Someone...

I feel like i am... How does it feel anyway?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Hello people... fellow bloggers & bloghoppers. it's been awhile since i've posted something here, i've completely neglected my blog. it's not that i'm busy, im always online actually. in fact i've too much free time and theres nothing much to say either. it's march already, a few weeks from now it's going to be my 1st year here in the US (yes, i've been here too long already) which made me think what my purpose here really is. Up to now i couldn't seem to find the right people to hangout and share a beer with, still i am a loner. I am thankful though that i have two jobs (to keep myself busy) and having to move to our new apartment(finally), which a little bit more of independence and privacy for us. i am just glad i don't have to wake up everyday and go home from work being criticized on how i live my my life, how i percieve things and what my interests are.

But nonetheless, it's just work and home for me. Right now im in one of my depressing states again, i don't know why, but i feel sad having no one to talk to. how i wish someone out there, would just talk to me, for one day, and listen to me talkshit(which i haven't in such a long time), share a laugh with me & welcome me as a friend...

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Loneliness has struck me... and the only thing thats keep me strong and up my feet is slowly fading away... I have been blank the past few hours, i can't think nor i have the energy to move.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Plain Morning

I was sound tripping through my i-pod and i heard this song... Damn, it's sad, but sorta sweet, i can definitley relate(pretty much everyone else whose in a long distance crap... este relationship hehehe) and it's playing right now! Hayyy... nakaka-senti talaga mga chongkee ... *tear haha bading!

Artist: Dashboard Confessional
Song title: A Plain Morning
Album: The Swiss Army Romance

It is yet to be determined
But the air is thick
And my hope is feeling worn
Im missing home
and I'm glad you're not a part of this
there are parts of me that will be missed
And the phone is always dead to me
so I can't tell you that the temperature is dropping and it feels like

Its colder than it ought to be in March
and I still have a day or two ahead of me till i'll be headin' home, into your arms again
And the people here are asking after you
It doesn't make it easier to be away
I'd like to hire a plane
I'd see you in the morning
When the day is fresh. Im coming home again

Its warmer where youre waiting
It feels more like July
There's pillows in their cases
and one of those is mine
And you wrote the words I love you
and sprayed it with perfume
It is better then the fire is to heat this lonely room.

It is warmer where you're waiting
It feels more like July,
It feels more like July...

Miss ko na si Tariagables... =(

peace \m/

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Brand New Day

Regarding my previous post, i did something... something new, a change, a renewal... Damn i fuckin' jad a haircut! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! No way! DAMN! PAKSHIT! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! The rockstar days are over, no more band, no more long hair... My grunge days are over... No matter how much i want to keep it, there are reasons for this sudden act. And the war between me and my aunts(who longed to cut my hair) is finally over. I did them a favor. Especially you tita _ _ . Anyway, before i cut my hair i made sure i have pictures to remind me of the glorious days... Thats 3 years of my life man, 3 fuckin years... Here they are, before and now:

Amethyst will never look the same with this kinda haircut, but hey... Once a rockstar, always a rockstar.. Once an artist, always an artist! You can never remove the artist and the TALKSHIT in me! haha! TALKSHIT pa rin to pare! And who say's I cant grow it back?? HAHA, yari ka saken Tita _ _ ! Papatubuin ko to uli and I will have the LAST LAUGH BUWHAHAHAHAHAH, MUWHAHAHAHAHHAHA! For now, magmumukmok muna ko sa sulok.. hahaha!

Grace, kahit wala na long hair sana love mo pa rin ako.... =D

peace \m/

I gots the Jitters...

In the next few hours im about to do a life changing experience... Something i couldn't imagine, something you'd never imagine... Dunno whats gonna happen, but we'll see...

peace \m/

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Deviant Art Account

Hey guys waddup G!? =D
Recently i just created my Deviant Art, kinda late don't you think? Pretty much evryone thought i had an account there a long time ago since this site's all about art and shit.

Check out mah shit >>

peace \m/

Friday, September 02, 2005

Some things just never change.

People tend to be so dramatic, so sincere and sometimes swear their hearts out just to change for the better. But guess what, ooops! i did it again! See the title? Yep, thats it.